Technical Reports

No.22 November 2006

Contributing Environmentally Conscious Product Technology
Nobumasa Kodama
Executive Officer,
Major Operating Officer

Features: Contributing Environmentally Conscious Product Technology

Efforts for Cooling Fans that Contribute to the Global Environment
Minoru Fujiwara and others
Power Conditioner "SANUPS P83B" for Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems that Contribute to Global Environment
Takeshi Hama
AC Servo Motor "SANMOTION R" Series
Hiroshi Hiroki and others

New Products Introduction

Long Life Fan "San Ace 40L"
Noriaki Ogawa and others
"San Ace 150" GV Type
Yasuhiro Maruyama and others
Development of the UPS Management System "SANUPS SOFTWARE"
Hironori Ogihara and others
Development of Multi-axis Servo Amplifier "SANMOTION R" Series
Izumi Yui and others
Development of DC Power Supply Input "SANMOTION Model No. PB" System
Eiichi Nishio and others

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