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Technical Report No.54 No.54 November 2022
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“Broad, Deep” Value Created Together with People
Operating Officer
Satoru Onodera

Feature: Expand into Wider Markets in Depth

Cooling Systems Division

Expand into Wider Markets in Depth
Michinori Watanabe
San Ace Clean Air 9AP Type Air Purifier
Yo Muramatsu and Others
40 × 40 × 20 mm and 40 × 40 × 28 mm San Ace 40W 9WPA Type High-Performance Splash Proof Fans
Yuto Horiuchi and Others

Power Systems Division

High-Performance, High-Reliability UPSs Operable in Various Environments
Chiaki Seki
Development of the SANUPS A23D Online UPS
Hiroaki Miyoshi and Others
Development of the SANUPS A11N Online UPS
Makoto Kitazawa and Others

Servo Systems Division

Expand into “Wider Markets in Depth” – Understand customers “in depth” in “wider” applications, and develop technology and products together –
Masahiro Yamaguchi and Others
Development of Compact Multi-Axis Integrated Linear Servo Motor Unit
Yuki Onda and Others
Development of SANMOTION G AC Servo Systems
Tsuyoshi Kobayashi and Others

COLUMN - Cover image: Aoki Works 1984

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