Technical Reports

No.36 November 2013

Technologies Improving Reliability
Executive Officer
Yoshihiro Wada

Features: Technologies Improving Reliability

Cooling Systems Division

Technology Improving Fan Reliability
Michinori Watanabe

Power Systems Division

Technologies Supporting Reliability of Power System Products
Naohiko Shiokawa and Others

Servo Systems Division

Technology Improving Servo Amplifier Reliability
Yasutaka Narusawa and Others

New Products Introduction

Cooling Systems Division

Low Power Consumption Fan "San Ace 38" 9GA Type
Yuusuke Okuda and Other
High Air Flow and Long Life Fan "San Ace 60L","San Ace 80L", "San Ace 92L"
Kouji Ueno and Others

Power Systems Division

Development of Power Conditioner with a Lithium Ion Battery "SANUPS PMC-TD"
Tetsuya Fujimaki and Others
Development of a Photovoltaic Power Generation System Condition Monitoring Service "SANUPS NET"
Kenji Higuchi and Others
Development of a Power Conditioner for Photovoltaic Power Generation "SANUPS P61B"
Makoto Kitazawa and Others

Servo Systems Division

Development of a Robot Setup Tool "SANMOTION C"
Hideaki Kodama and Others
Multi-axis AC Servo Amplifier with EtherCAT Interface "SANMOTION R ADVANCED MODEL"
Naohiro Itoh and Others

COLUMN - Block Pulse Drive Brushless Motor ? BL825 from 1982

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