Technical Reports

No.2 November 1996

On the Special Issue "Production Technology"
Syuukichi Komatsu
Senior Managing Director
An Essay on Power Electronics
Toshimasa Jinzenji
Corporate Advisor

Features: Production Technology of Sanyo Denki

Production Technology of Sanyo Denki
Harumi Kanzaki

Cooling Systems Division

Production Technology During Development of "SAN ACE MC"
Hisashi Takizawa and others
Development and Features of Increased Capacity "SAN ACE MC" Production Equipment
Kazunori Izawa and others

Power Systems Division

Start-up of Integrated Production System and Processing Equipment for Range of Products
Atsushi Handa and others
Searching for Manufacturing the Mid-scale UPS
Akito Satou

Servo Systems Division

Production Technology During Development of AC Servo Motor "P" series
Masahiro Koyama and others
Wire Winding Technology Supporting Various Motors and Its Recent History
Kazuyuki Kitazawa and others

Common to Divisions

Analysis of Plated-Through Hole Reliability of Printed Wiring Boards
Hiroyuki Nishimura and others
Establishment of Printed Circuit Boards Defluxing System without Cleaning Process
Norio Arai and others

New Products Introduction

Development of Compact, High-Torque Stepping Motor
Yukio Miura and others

General Theses

Investigation of Active Power Filter for Three-Phase, Four-Wire Load
Hiroyuki Hanaoka and other

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