Technical Reports

No.8 November 1999

Sanyo Denki's Environmental Protection Efforts
Shingou Tanaka
Major Operating Officer

Features:Environmental Protection Technologies

Aoki Work's Efforts to Obtain Certification under ISO 14001
Hiroshi Miyazaki
Efforts for Photovoltaic Power Systems
Norio Tazawa and others
Technology Center's Cogeneration Efforts
Takeo Nagao and others

New Products Introduction

Splash Proof Fan "WS" Series
Michinori Watanabe and others
"SAN ACE 127" Fan (127mm sq. × 38mm thick)
Jiro Watanabe and others
Development of "Network Power Manager"
Tetsuo Sezai and others
AC Servo Amplifier "PY"
Izumi Yui and others
Multiple Rotation Absolute Sensor
Hideyuki Ishii and others
Application of "S-MAC" Type C (Development of a Controller for Rolling Machines with Round Dies)
Hiroshi Okino and others

General Theses

Driving Characteristics of Cylindrical Linear Synchronous Motor
Kazuhiro Makiuchi and others

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