Our Businesses

Established in 1927, the SANYO DENKI Group started with the import and sale of electrical equipment. In 1932, we developed a radio power generator, laying the foundation for our SANUPS brand today that primarily specializes in uninterruptible power supplies. Capitalizing on our expertise in rotary technology gained from SANUPS developments, we introduced Japan's first AC and DC servo motors under the brand name of SANMOTION in 1952. In 1965, we launched the San Ace brand for our cooling fans, leveraging our motor technology. Today, we operate under three product brands: SANUPS, SANMOTION, and San Ace.
Committed to addressing customer needs and social issues, the SANYO DENKI Group has been creating new value by developing industry-leading products that always pursue "high performance," "high quality," and "high added value".
Our products have long supported factory and office automation and have these days become indispensable in cutting-edge applications such as semiconductors and IT infrastructure.
Moving forward, we will continue to pioneer innovative technologies and uphold leadership in global manufacturing.

San Ace is the product brand for our cooling fans and cooling fan units , which are essential for effective heat control of electronic devices. Our San Ace products ensure stable operation of devices by efficiently cooling them.
Our product lineup offers a wide range of products featuring industry-leading performance and quality with excellent environmental durability. We also provide customization best tailored to customers needs.

Application examples
Base stations, power supplies, switching power supplies, control devices, servers, and medical equipment

San Ace 製品

SANUPS is the product brand for our uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), inverters, engine generators, and renewable energy inverters.
The SANUPS products deliver reliable, high-quality power supply to customers’ equipment, supporting public infrastructure including telecom, transportation, and production.

Application examples
ICT equipment, servers, government agencies, public services, transportation, charge/discharge devices, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment


SANMOTION offers servo motors and amplifiers, stepping motors and drivers, and motion controllers.
Being ideal for precise motion in production equipment, our SANMOTION products contribute to high-speed production of increasingly smaller and sophisticated parts through precise motion control.
Our strength lies in our rich experience in customization.

Application examples
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools, robots, and mold injection machines