Warranty Provisions After User Registration

Warranty Provisions

The warranty period is one year from the delivery date of the product.

The warranty is limited to the following cases:

• When user registration has been completed on our user registration page.

• When damage caused by defects in production and materials occurs between the delivery date and the end of the warranty period.

Note: When damage is caused by a defect in production or in the material of a component or the main unit that is recognized by SANYO DENKI, we will repair or replace the affected device free of charge.

The warranty does not cover repairs in the following cases:

• When products furnished by SANYO DENKI have been modified or altered other than by SANYO DENKI.

• When products supplied by SANYO DENKI are not used in their prescribed manner, nor when products are not used in accordance with the instruction manual.

• Decreased measurement accuracy caused by regular use.

• Damage caused by accident, misuse, or misuse.

• Failure or damage due to fire, earthquake, storm or flood, lightning, other natural disasters, pollution, salt damage, gas damage (sulfidizing gas, etc.), abnormal voltage, or use of unspecified power supplies.

• Damage or product failure from being dropped during transportation by the customer, from impact, or from improper handling.

Note: This warranty applies to the product specified by SANYO DENKI. It does not apply to any other device.

Note: SANYO DENKI does not assume any liability for damage to software or loss of data in connected devices, nor for any loss of profits or opportunities.