Airflow Tester User Registration Outline

Registered users will receive useful information, such as notifications about calibration time and support information.

Product Warranty

Warranty Period: 1 year
This warranty covers damage caused by defects in production and materials for a period of one year from the date of delivery.
Note: Please check here for warranty regulations.

Calibration time notification

We recommend yearly calibration (a fee will be charged) of the Airflow Tester to maintain measurement accuracy.
Customers who have completed user registration will be notified of calibration by email approximately one year after the delivery date, or since the date of last calibration.
Calibration time notification

Software Download

Users can download the latest version of the data viewer software for checking Airflow Tester measurement results.
Display example: For P-Q performance, display based on catalog data.
Software Download

Register within One Month from the Date of Delivery

User registration requires the model no. and serial number from the nameplate of your product.
Please confirm and register them in the user registration form.