Basic Philosophy
SANYO DENKI helps preserve the global environment and enhance humanity's prosperity through its corporate activities for society and the environment.
Basic Policy

SANYO DENKI CO., LTD., comprising Kangawa Works, Shioda Works, Fujiyama Works, Technology Center and Head Office, develops, designs, manufactures and sells cooling fans, UPS, power conditioners for photovoltaic generation system, engine generators, servo systems, stepping systems, controllers, encoders, and driving devices. Under the principles listed below, each member of SANYO DENKI will take part in eco-friendly activities to help preserve our abundant global environment.

  1. To enhance our environmental performance, we will continuously improve the environmental management system and work hard to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.
  2. We will assess the environmental impact of our corporate activities and focus on our environmental targets. We will also deal with the following as high-priority themes for environmental management.
    (1) Develop, design, manufacture, and sell environment-friendly products
    (2) Reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals
    (3) Reduce the environmental impact (energy consumption, number of copies, waste, etc.) of business activities
    (4) Contribute to the local community
    (5) Protect biodiversity and ecosystem
  3. We observe environmental laws, restrictions and other rules relevant to our company and work hard for environmental preservation.
  4. We document, carry out and maintain our environmental principles, make them known to all our employees, and ask that our employees both cooperate in the pursuit of these principles and reflect them in our environmental management.
  5. We will review the environmental management system periodically.
  6. We will openly publicize the environmental principles to parties in and outside the company.

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